Nevada's Credit Rating Reflects a Sound Economy and Sound Practices

Nevada’s financial credit rating was upgraded last week for the first time since 1977. Moody’s national credit rating organization approved an upgrade that gives Nevada a credit score of Aa1. This of course means that in future years Nevada can secure lower interest rates on debt obligations and save Nevada taxpayers money. Moody’s complimented the state on its budget management, saying that Nevada “has proven its ability to respond quickly to downturns and to react prudently during flush times. The recent successful effort to diversify the state tax base better positions it to maneuver through future inevitable strains on its economy.” That’s quite a compliment from an organization that doesn’t normally throw them around. Readers of the MS Las Vegas Real Estate blog are well informed about the various efforts to strengthen and diversify the Nevada economy. Here’s proof positive that those efforts are paying off with tangible, money saving benefits for Nevada residents. The market for Las Vegas homes is a direct reflection of these successes.

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