Should They Re-Name the Block Turnberry Lane?

What in the world are we talking about? There is a stretch of Paradise Road right between the Sahara Hotel and the Las Vegas Hilton that you could plausibly rename Turnberry Lane. Why so? Turnberry, Ltd. has built two spectacular Las Vegas high rise condo developments (within two blocks of each other) right on that small section of Paradise Road. Turnberry Place condos (a total of four structures) have the distinction of creating the market for Las Vegas high rise condos. Until this project went skyward and sold like crazy, no one imagined such tremendous demand in the Las Vegas real estate market for this type of luxury product. Right up the street is the new sister property aptly named Turnberry Towers Las Vegas. Stretching skyward at the corner of Paradise Road and Karen Avenue, Turnberry Towers condos will be comprised of two 45-story buildings. The east tower is scheduled for completion in June of this year and the west tower is slated for occupancy in the spring of 2008. The Michelle Sterling Team at Prudential Americana is ready to take you on a tour of Turnberry Lane! Give us a call at 888-349-2595.

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