Small Business Administration in Nevada: Ranked Number One!

The Small Business Administration’s Nevada office set new records for loans during the fiscal year ending Sept. 30. This is yet another indication of both the strength of the Nevada economy and the pro-business policies and practices of Nevada state government. The SBA record breaking increase in total loan dollars was up 27% from the previous year. Regular readers of the MS Las Vegas Real Estate blog will find this news welcome, but not at all surprising. The Las Vegas economy is firing on all cylinders, and blog readers know it. Here’s another GREAT statistic and a tribute to the diversity of our great state:The Nevada SBA office set new records with 42 loans to blacks, 82 to Hispanics, 97 to borrowers of Asian descent, nine to American Indians and 193 to women in the latest fiscal year. How awesome is that! The U.S. government ranked the Nevada SBA office FIRST in the nation for performance in a tie with its San Diego and Los Angeles offices.MS Las Vegas Real Estate is very proud to be doing business in Nevada in general and Las Vegas in particular! Call us at 888-349-2595 if we can be of

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