Southern Nevada Economy: Looks Like More Growth Still to Come!

Continued strong performance in tourism and construction boosted the Southern Nevada Index of Leading Economic Indicators higher in July. This is a continuation of an upward trend that portends further growth in the coming months. The economic index is compiled by the Center for Business and Economic Research at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Yes, we have an excellent university right here in the middle of the desert! The index climbed to 131.85 in July, up from 130.68 in June and 129.33 in July 2004. Total employment in Clark County grew 7.7 percent in June to 873,400 and the unemployment rate was 4.1 percent, compared with 4.7 percent a year ago. MS Las Vegas Real Estate is beating the same drum again and again….solid economic fundamentals make for a solid market in Las Vegas real estate. Ask anyone that invested in Las Vegas homes over the past five years about their decision and you’ll get some pretty enthusiastic answers. Las Vegas, Nevada….the next major American metropolis without a doubt.

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