Summerlin Hospital: $100 Million Expansion

The Summerlin homes community is nationally recognized as one of the most beautiful and functional residential master-plans you could possibly choose to live in. The wealth of amenities and services to be found within Summerlin itself create a quality of life that many find incomparable. A very important component of the Summerlin residential experience is the Summerlin Hospital. Approaching its tenth anniversary, this outstanding medical facility has grown from a 147-bed community hospital into a full-scale 281-bed medical center that offers comprehensive services ranging from pediatric intensive care to open heart surgery. Ever in touch with the needs of Summerlin and Southern Nevada, Summerlin Hospital is about to embark on a $100 million expansion that will include a third patient tower in addition to a larger, more spacious Emergency Room. The new tower will stand six stories high and provide 170 additional beds. Expanded emergency room facilities will mean that patients receive care in the timeliest possible manner. Another positive development associated with the expansion process is job creation! It’s estimated that the additional capacity will generate employment opportunities for over 100 medical professionals and support staff. The Michelle Sterling Team at Prudential Americana enjoys an extensive level of experience in the Summerlin real estate community. Our services are at your disposal.

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