Talk About a Match Made in Glamor! Elton John and The Las Vegas Strip!

The Caesars Palace Colosseum is most notably associated with Celine Dion and her breathtaking show, A New Day. But when Celine is off stage, the Colosseum rocks to the best piano music ever written! Elton John puts on a true Vegas extravaganza with his amazing show, “The Red Piano”. The next series of performances for Elton begins on October 10th and we suggest that you go on-line and get your tickets now. The MS Las Vegas Real Estate team is wild about Elton John and his music. It’s not unusual to hear his melodies running through our office on any given day. Who could ever get tired of Rocket Man or Tiny Dancer?

Here’s another treat for Las Vegas/Elton John fans. How about the Elton John store! It’s not in the Forum Shops, so don’t look for it there. The Elton John store is located inside the Caesars Palace casino next to PURE nightclub and the Pussycat Dolls Lounge. How appropriate is that? The store itself is every bit as colorful as the man himself, and you can find items that represent every phase of his 35 years in the music biz. No less than 12 plasma screens are constantly running with Elton concert footage. Shoppers can browse through everything from t-shirts to EJ-style sunglasses to “Bitch is Back” purses to ruby studded cuff-links ($2900). Of course, a wide selection of CD’s and DVD’s are available as well.

Does Elton John own a piece of Las Vegas real estate or does he just stay in a suite at Caesars when he’s here performing? To be honest, we’re really not sure. If you happen to know, post back and tell us about it!

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