The Callaway Golf Center in Las Vegas

The Callaway Golf Center in Las Vegas is one of the most impressive practice and play facilities in the entire country. Located right on Las Vegas Boulevard just a few miles south of Mandalay Bay, the Callaway Center (42 acres) provides a complete golfing experience.

The centerpiece of the golf center is the phenomenal driving range. Open well into the night and beautifully lit (hey this is Vegas!), the Callaway range consists of 113 stations on a bi-level configuration. Players can engage in serious practice by targeting 10 greens, with the furthest-out at 375 yards. Nope, I haven’t come anywhere close to that one yet! The driving range offers synthetic mats, natural turf and a fantastic view of the Las Vegas Strip, especially at night.

The Callaway Center also includes a 9-hole par 3 course aptly named “The Divine Nine”. Fully illuminated for night play and loaded with water features, the Divine Nine consists of holes ranging from 110 to 185 yards with PGA quality greens. I’ll admit to losing more than a few balls on hole number three! Seriously though, the night time play in the summer is just amazing. The Strip glitters in the background and the private jets glide-in to nearby Signature Air Terminal. It’s really something!

How about shopping? Saint Andrews Golf Shop is 5,000 square feet of heaven if you’re a golf addict like me. The store is beautiful and stocked with bags, clubs, clothes, shoes and every accessory you could want. I’ve been known to hang-out at the Odyssey in-store putting green for hours!

Next stop on the Callaway tour is the state-of-the-art club fitting center. Using two high speed cameras and ball flight simulators, a computer monitor displays your launch conditions—ball speed, launch angle and spin rates. They call it CPAS—the Callaway Performance Analysis System, how cool is that? Unfortunately, it also documents all the faults in your swing, which in my case is substantial!

Last but not least is The Back 9 Grill. This is a full service restaurant and bar located right inside the Callaway Golf Center, just twenty steps from the SA Golf Shop. Breakfast is served daily from 6:30am (uugh) and happy hour runs from 4-7pm daily (more my speed).

If you must know, The Michelle Sterling Las Vegas real estate team has been known to pound a few happy-hour beers after a few buckets of balls down at the Callaway Center. We all love golf!

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