The Number One Market for Sellers to Find Buyers? Las Vegas, Nevada recently published an interesting story and survey that addressed the question of which real estate markets in America were the most active for what Forbes termed “trapped homeowners seeking sales”. The number one ranking for this rather unusual, yet timely and appropriate criteria (which speaks volumes about current real estate and economic conditions) was Las Vegas, Nevada (followed by Yuba City, Arizona and five California markets). Are these “trapped” Las Vegas homeowners selling at a loss in the vast majority of cases? One would have to assume so, but that doesn’t detract from a very fundamental market-based issue that saw fit to document.

The real and very important point is that the Las Vegas residential market has the strongest supply of BUYERS in the entire country.

In case you think that’s not such a big deal, call someone you know in Florida who is trying to sell their home. Apparently, buyers are virtually non-existent in the sunshine state at this point in time (according to There is a very real difference between having the opportunity to sell, even at a loss (if you so choose), and being stuck in a local residential market with virtually no opportunity to sell at all, at any price.

Another question worth asking, which did not address, is why the Las Vegas real estate market has the strongest buyer activity in the country? The answer should be more than obvious to any regular reader of this blog. Another way to put the question is this; how well has anyone done in the past 40 years betting against Las Vegas, no matter what the odds seemed to be at the time?

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