The Second Annual Tennis Channel Open in Las Vegas!

The Tennis Channel Open returns to Las Vegas at the Darling Memorial Tennis Center in northwest Las Vegas. This years tournament will span eight days from February 25th to March 4th and features 32 players including 2006 defending champion James Blake. The tournament was previously held for the past nineteen years in Scottsdale, Arizona. The tournament has always attracted top players such as John McEnroe (1986 winner) and Andre Agassi, who has won the tournament four times. Total prize money at stake is $500,000 and tournament organizers are expecting upwards of 70,000 fans over the eight day period. Pitching in with the effort will be 400 local volunteers dedicated to making the Tennis Channel Open a success again this year. Come on, admit it, you had no idea that you could watch live championship tennis in Las Vegas as a stadium spectator! The MS Las Vegas Real Estate blog continues it’s never-ending series….Las Vegas is a real city. We talk to people every day that are considering the purchase of a Las Vegas home. Again and again, clients want to know if there is a life to be lived in Las Vegas beyond the neon and the casinos. Well, rest assured that the answer is an emphatic yes! What lifestyle do you have in mind? Give us a call and we’ll turn you on to all the things that make your residential dreams a reality…..right here in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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