The Ultimate in Cell Phone Luxury and Technology at a Serious Price: 1.3 MILLION DOLLARS

MS Las Vegas Real Estate knows a thing or two about the luxury market. After all, our website is NUMBER ONE on Google for Las Vegas luxury real estate and Las Vegas luxury homes. On more than one occasion, we’ve been called-on to direct our high-end residential customers to additional resources here in Southern Nevada that help “round out” the picture if you will. Examples include the location of the Lamborghini and Aston Martin dealerships, the best place to get fitted for custom golf clubs and where to eat if it’s important to be seen eating there….regardless of price. In keeping with our commitment to provide exceptional service to our special clients that recognize no limits on their lifestyle, we would like to suggest a new cell phone. How much does it cost? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it, believe me. Next time you’re in Switzerland, swing through Geneva and stop-by the offices of CTS (Crypto Telecommunication Security) and test-drive the newest model. Encased in platinum and 18-karat gold and framed by generous amounts of the highest quality diamonds, this phone nonetheless offers something even more special. Believe it or not, this is an authentic GSM phone with super-charged “third level” encryption that is absolutely cutting edge. What do we mean? The Kremlin couldn’t listen-in if they wanted to and neither could the FBI or CIA for that matter. No, we’re not joking one bit. What’s the biggest market for this phone world-wide? You guessed it….Russia. It seems that Russian gangsters with plenty of cash for a million dollar phone have fallen in love with this 007-style piece of art. What would Marx and Lenin say?!?

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