The New Las Vegas Marathon!

Enough about new Las Vegas homes, let’s talk about the New Las Vegas Marathon! What could be new about a marathon? Well, this is Vegas and you wouldn’t believe what we’ve got planned! After 38 years as a purely local event, The New Las Vegas Marathon is set to become a world-class event. For starters, the Strip itself will be closed to cars and will serve as a focal point for the course. The race will start and end at Mandalay Bay and runners will begin by heading straight up the Strip! Projections thus far indicate that upwards of 15,000 runners will compete. Winners will receive $50,000 and if you break a world record, it’s a cool $1.25 million. That’s not enough? How about 600 runners in Elvis costumes and 15 live bands playing along the race route? Hey, this ain’t Boston and this is a different kind of marathon! MS Las Vegas Real Estate is excited about this new event and you can bet we’ll be on the Strip on race day!

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