Las Vegas Real Estate: A Bird in the Hand is Worth….??

Las Vegas real estate agent Alex Smith has a great story to tell! In his own words….check this out! You’re not going to believe this one. Well, maybe you will. I was checking up on one of my rental properties last weekend and thought I would change the air filters. It’s a vacant property…ready to move in…available for rent in the north end of town off of Loosse Road. Dual masters upstairs, plus two additional bedrooms with walk-in closets and a huge down stairs living room that opens into an airy kitchen that’s loaded with all the appliances you would need. $1395 a month (will consider lease option). In any case…that’s my plug for the rental! Now for the story….which takes place upstairs. I went upstairs to change the filters and noticed that the laundry-room door was shut. Now…may calls have been coming in asking to view the property, so I figured that it was just a Realtor showing the property that shut the door. So I finished my little project and then proceeded to go over the laundry room to open the door. WELL, to my surprise, the laundry room (fully equipped with a washer and dryer by the way) was not….how should I say this…ummm vacant? I seemed to have a little friend that was not paying rent! A BIRD FLEW OUT AT ME AT A HIGH RATE OF SPEED…RACED TO THE WINDOW AND SLAMMED INTO IT. Well, after I composed myself…I somewhat gracefully (bull in a china shop) went over to the bird, picked him up and opened the window and let him fly out. NOW, what I want to know is if you go to show another agents’ listing and a bird flies in the window…wouldn’t you think to call the listing agent and say something instead of letting a bird hang out in the laundry room?? Hmmmmm…maybe not. In any case….the moral of the story is…if you go into a house with a closed door…have a net ready?Alex Smith is a member of The Sterling Team at Red Rock Canyon Realty. He can be contacted for bird removal and all things real estate at or by calling 702-296-3190. The Sterling Team is your trusted advisor in the market for Las Vegas homes of all shapes and sizes! Give us a call at

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