You Know it's Official When they Start Pouring the Concrete!

Right around midnight a few nights ago, a convoy of concrete trucks rumbled into Downtown Las Vegas to deliver the foundation (literally) for Phase 1 of the Juhl Las Vegas condominium development. How many trucks? Believe it or not, it took over 100 trucks and just about eight hours to get the job done. CityMark Development of San Diego is spending $167 million to create a new urban-living environment comprised of six buildings (ranging from six to fifteen stories) designed around a mixed-use residential/retail theme in the heart of Las Vegas. Juhl will offer Las Vegas condos, lofts, studios and penthouse units for a total of 341 new urban-style Las Vegas homes combined with 24,000 square feet of retail space. Located at the corner of Bonneville and Third Street, Juhl luxury condos will play an important role in the ongoing process of revitalization in the Downtown corridor. Curious about floor-plans and amenities? Contact MS Las Vegas Real Estate for more information at 888-349-2595.

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